Fenton Noble is the culmination of decades of expertise in buying, investing in, improving and selling companies. Founder Peter Barton has demonstrated his ability in such disparate fields as finance, engineering, hospitality, recruitment, property, and even sports - turning around faltering enterprises or driving growth. With a keen eye for opportunity he is adept at matching potential buyers, sellers and investors

"Retain a positive outlook;  problems are challenges which are there to be overcome."

- Peter Barton

Where it started

The roots of Fenton Noble can be traced back many years, with the formation of a tiny recruitment company - boasting a mere 4 candidates and operated from a dining-room table. Within four years, the company had grown relentlessly to generate a multi-million-pound turnover, before being sold. So began the cycle of starting and growing new businesses, and realising profits when the time was right. With a growing reputation, it was only a matter of time before the opportunity arose to consult for other businesses and act as a conduit for those looking to buy, sell or invest. Many past clients and partners are household names or leaders in their field. The Fenton Noble brand is the culmination of these years of experience.

What Next?

Peter continues to have enormous success in both his own investments and consulting for clients. Regardless of where your business is today - or if you are looking to acquire one - Fenton Noble's excellent record and network of contacts enable you to get a headstart on the competition. Don't wait.  

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