We remind potential purchasers that confidentiality for both buyer and seller is of importance throughout the sale process and purchasers are very carefully screened in order to ensure that they are both qualified and serious prospects. If you are looking to buy a business but nothing is listed here, if you would like our assistance in approaching a particular company, or simply want the fastest updates, please ensure you register your interest with us

Buying a company

Buying or investing in an established company can be much quicker and easier than starting from nothing: A going concern can already demonstrate that there is a market for it's products or services, and will have an existing customer base. But buying without proper research can come with many pitfalls. You need to be able to do the necessary due diligence, have knowledge of the sector, and accurately value the business, to name but a few things. With our decades of experience in a wide variety of small, medium and large enterprises, trust Fenton Noble to guide you through the purchase process.

Company Listing

Nothing here at the moment - not everyone is happy to make their intentions public - but do check back soon, or register to get updates straight to your inbox. We invite you to complete our non-disclosure agreement ahead of any interest.

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