Confidentiality is of paramount importance throughout the sale process. All potential purchasers are very carefully screened in order to ensure that they are both qualified and serious prospects for your business. Undertakings of confidentiality will always be required from all interested parties prior to any detailed information being released. In any event commercially confidential information will not be released without your approval

Business Appraisal & Valuation

Before commencing with a sale, we will meet with you to understand the reasons for the sale and what you want to achieve. We then analyse your business, it's relationships, and marketplace to ensure our assessment is realistic and whether any actions are required prior to selling. 


Once the company is ready for sale we undertake a detailed valuation including in-depth analysis of assets and liabilities, market positioning, financial performance and forecasts, as well as customer and supplier relationships. 

Going to Market

Once you are happy and we have your instruction to proceed, we begin marketing to purchasers registered with us and confidentially approaching relevant prospective purchasers either identified through our own networks or jointly in partnership with you. If you choose, you can make the sale public and we'll list it here. Those wishing to make an offer for your business deal directly with our negotiators to get the best possible price and terms.

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